‘Houthis are our only enemy’ says Yemeni army chief

‘Houthis are our only enemy’ says Yemeni army chief

DUBAI: Yemen’s army chief of staff said on Saturday that liberating the rest of the country from the Iran-backed Houthi militia would be the beginning of a new era in building a federal Yemen based on justice and equality.

General Abdullah Al-Nakhai said the greatest victory will be in celebrating the complete liberation of Yemen and raising the Republican flag at the foot of Mount Maran in the capital Sanaa, Yemen news agency SABA reported.

Al-Nakhai called for a united front in the fight against the Hothis.

“The only enemy we have are the Houthis, and we refuse to accept peace deals. Our aim is to achieve complete liberty,” he added.

His remarks came during a meeting with commanders from other units in the temporary capital Aden, where they are preparing to proceed with a “liberation plan” created with the support of the Arab coalition.

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