Iran nuclear deal parties meet as accord nears collapse

Iran nuclear deal parties meet as accord nears collapse

Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Adel Al-Jubeir, said on Friday that Iran threatens the entire region and its aggression can no longer be tolerated.

Al-Jubeir stressed that Iran must be deprived of the tools that threaten the region and the world, during his speech at the Mediterranean Dialogues in Rome.

He pointed out that “Iran believes in the principle of exporting its revolution and does not respect the sovereignty of states.”

Al-Jubeir also commented on the situation in Yemen, saying that the only solution is political and that “the Houthis are the ones who started the war, not us,” stressing that "all Yemenis, including the Houthis, have a role in the future of Yemen.”

Al-Jubeir added that there is a possibility of a truce followed by a settlement in Yemen.

The Saudi minister indicated that Yemen is of particular importance to his country, and Iran's interference there is “devastating.”

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