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Japanese FM Motegi emphasizes his country’s support for two-state Middle East peace solution

TOKYO: Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi stressed that the Japanese government has supported and will continue to support a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine, effectively rejecting Israel's annexation plans for the West Bank.

In replying to Arab News Japan question, Motegi said at a press conference at the foreign ministry Tuesday that the issues between Palestinians and Israelis “should be solved through negotiations and our position has not been changed.”

Israel currently plans to annex the part of West Bank containing the Jordan Valley, but Japan stands against that and opposes the annexation of disputed territories in principle and has shown concern about such a trend spreading internationally, as it could have implications for Tokyo’s claims to islands disputed by Russia, China and South Korea.

Japan is traditionally supportive of Palestinian rights to their land based on the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and has accused Israel of violating international law by expanding settlements into occupied Palestinian territory.

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