Iraq military: American troops leaving Syria cannot stay in the country

Iraq military: American troops leaving Syria cannot stay in the country

DUBAI: The Expo 2020 on Tuesday gave a preview of the ongoing construction of the vast new site in the south of Dubai, one year ahead of its opening in October next year.

Journalists from different parts of the world were quickly toured at one of the main areas of the site – the Sustainability District – as well as the nine-story media center. A preview of the Al Wasl Dome, the central building at the site which will host the Expo’s major events, was also shown at the tour.

The other two areas such as the Mobility and Opportunity districts were only available for viewing from the rooftop of the media center. Massive cranes, construction materials and a number of laborers were seen at the site.

Turnover of the Expo 2020-owned facilities is expected by the end of this year, while individual country pavilions have their own deadlines to finish construction, organizers told Arab News.

Some countries have already either broken ground or started building their pavilions, including Saudi Arabi, the UAE and Japan. Others are expected to break ground in the coming months.

192 countries have confirmed participation at the upcoming world expo.

Saudi Arabia’s pavilion was one of the prominent constructions at the site, with the slant metal structure visible from the media center’s roof deck. The pavilion resembles a “huge window opening up from the ground and soaring into the sky.”

Saudi Arabia was one of the few countries that have made major developments in construction. (Mohammed Fawzy/Arab News)

The tour was part of a three-day global media briefing, which started with a count-down concert on Sunday by American singer Mariah Carey at Burj Park.

The six-month Expo 2020, to be held at a vast new site in the south of Dubai, will officially open on Oct. 20 next year, with organizers expecting an estimated 25 million visitors.

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