Lebanon detains 16 in probe of Beirut port blast

CAIRO: A worker at Beirut port has been rescued after spending 30 hours at sea after the massive explosion.
Amin Zahid was found unconscious and injured after the explosion threw him into the water, according to Lebanese media reports. 
Rescue teams managed to locate him and transport him to hospital, where he remains in critical condition, according to Lebanon 24 channel.
Pictures showed Zahid in a small rescue boat after he was pulled from the sea. 
His miraculous survival so long after the explosion took place has been a rare piece of good news in a country traumatized by the blast.
Dozens of families of those missing after the explosion have gathered in front of the port area, waiting for news. Many remain missing in the city where more than 137 people were killed and 5,000 injured.
The military imposed a security cordon around the site which was completely destroyed.

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