Russian plane bound for Moscow in suspected hijacking

Russian plane bound for Moscow in suspected hijacking

GAUHATI,India: Police in northeastern India say they have arrested 61 Rohingya Muslims this week amid reports that more than 1,300 have recently crossed the border into Bangladesh.
In Assam state, police say they arrested 30 Rohingya, including 12 children, who were found traveling on a bus Monday night to Gauhati, the state capital.
In neighboring Tripura state, police said they arrested 31 Rohingya on Tuesday after they spent two days in a no man’s land along the border with Bangladesh.
Indian border guards have denied Bangladesh media reports that India is pushing Rohingya across the border.
More than 700,000 Rohingya have fled from Myanmar, chiefly to Bangladesh, since August 2017 to escape army-led violence against them. India has deported more than a dozen in the past two months for illegal entry.

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