Sky Bar Beirut Lebanon

From the first day it opened, Sky Bar was an instant hit and rapidly became the favored hot spot of both the Lebanese and foreign jet setters.

This new outdoor restaurant club concept was the first of its kind. Today it remains on a pedestal of its own.

Sky Bar has single-handedly placed Beirut on the map by being nominated as the number one night club in the world.

Its mind blowing ambiance is an experience that is not to be missed. Catering to an upscale and ever demanding clientele, Sky Bar is the greatest outdoor nightlife venue for those looking to revel amid nature’s elements and under Beirut’s starry skies. A haven for the most elite of VVIP’s, it is designed to capture a sense of unrivaled luxury and refined style.

Loyal patrons are transported into another dimension as they drink and dance the night away to the unrelenting beat of some of the most progressive music mixes on the international club scene. Sky Bar continuously animates the summer season through its awe-inspiring festivities and special events.

Once you are in, you are sure to be spoiled with the generous entertainment: from the extravagant fireworks that light up the Beirut skies to the global singers and DJ’s.

To hear stories about the design or vibes of Sky Bar is not enough. Sky Bar must be seen; it should be lived and felt” Located in Biel, Beirut - Lebanon

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