Snowshoeing Laklouk

Activity: Snowshoeing Destination: Laklouk (Avg.1800m)
Date: Sunday, February 5, 2017
Level: Moderate. 10Km
Average walking time: 4 hours
Morning meeting point: Furn el Chebbak - Facing Sagesse university
Time: 8:00am
Departure: 8:15am sharp
Back to meeting point: 6:50pm +

ProMax will provide the following:
Transportation, guides, healthy hiker food pack, 5 minutes warming up, stretching, your pictures, snowshoes rental & delivery for only 65.000 LBP / person.
Group of 5 or more will benefit from, 1 free Hiking invitation and 1 free body composition analysis.

To reserve your Pullman seat(s), contact ProMax on 03955642, before Saturday, February 4, 2017, so that we can make sure to get your snowshoes ahead.

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Corporate team building & wellness consulting.

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