The Garden Show and Spring Festival 2015

Festival (Cultural)
From May 26, 2015 to May 30
5:00pm -> 11:00pm
Hippodrome Du Parc De Beyrouth (The Beirut Hippodrome)

Green is no longer just a color. It is synonymous with behavior; a new way of living. We all have to input our green initiatives to make a better world.

Featuring over 220 exhibitors varying from landscape design and nurseries to gardening tools and outdoor furniture as well as other different sections related to the outdoor living, The Garden Show and Spring Festival offers something for everyone.

This year, The Garden Show and Spring Festival celebrates the return of Summer, when family and friends share these long and tranquil in the garden surrounded by plants and trees.

Visit with your family and friends to discover everything you need to plant, color, enhance and decorate your outdoor space and enjoy a relaxing week under the Hippodrome's iconic pine trees, in the heart of Beirut.

Free Parking
Free Entrance for all women with flower names.

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