Tight security as 16 million Sri Lankans prepare to vote

Tight security as 16 million Sri Lankans prepare to vote

ISLAMABAD: Afghan Taliban’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said on Friday that a prisoner exchange between the US and the Taliban did not take place because the Americans had not released three Taliban leaders.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani announced on Tuesday that three Taliban prisoners would be released in return for two academics of American and Australian descent who taught at the American University of Afghanistan.

The Taliban have kept the professors, Kevin King and Timothy John Weeks, in captivity since 2016.

Ghani also named the Taliban detainees who included: Anas Haqqani, brother of the Taliban deputy chief, Siraj ud Din Haqqani, his maternal uncle, Mali Khan, and Hafiz Rashid Omari, brother of the Taliban’s political negotiator, Mohammed Nabi Omari.

Mali Khan was arrested by the Americans in eastern Khost province in 2011. Anas, who was inducted in the insurgent group’s negotiating team in February, was captured by US security officials after he visited Qatar in October 2014.

He was accompanied by another Taliban leader, Rashid, who had gone to Qatar to meet five Taliban leaders who had been freed from Guantanamo prison. They were later handed over to the Afghan authorities.

In August 2016, an Afghanistan court gave Anas the death sentence.

An earlier media report suggested that Taliban prisoners were flown out of Afghanistan and had reached Qatar, where they would be handed over to the Taliban political office.



The Afghan insurgent group has been holding two university professors of American and Australian descent since 2016.

However, Mujahid told Arab News on Friday that the swap did not take place and the Taliban prisoners were still in the Bagram jail in the north of Afghan capital Kabul.

“There was an agreement that the Americans will take our prisoners to a location and in return we will release the two professors later. But they have not fulfilled their promise by taking our people to that venue. Under the circumstances, we are still holding the American and Australian professors hostage. And there is no progress in the deal so far,” the Taliban spokesman said in an audio sent to Arab News.

Experts in Afghanistan said that delay in the prisoner swap was the result of deep mistrust on all sides.

Zakir Jalai, a television commentator and Afghan peace activist, said that the prisoner issue was very sensitive and the Afghan government was under intense pressure not to release Anas Haqqani.

“I think the Taliban do not trust the Americans and will not hand over the professors unless they have complete trust that the US will free the Taliban prisoners,” Jalali told Arab News from Kabul.

“The Taliban will release the professors when their prisoners are handed over,” he said, adding that both, particularly the Taliban, were very cautious in view of their mistrust of the other.

A day after President Ghani announced the swap deal, Taliban leaders sent congratulatory messages to each other and a Taliban official in an audio message, in possession of Arab News, said: “Congratulations, as the plane carrying the freed prisoners has taken off an hour ago.”

A Taliban official earlier said that his incarcerated colleagues were taken out of the Bagram prison but were then locked up again in the jail.

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