US-Libya forces raid Al-Qaeda site in Libyan city of Ubari

US-Libya forces raid Al-Qaeda site in Libyan city of Ubari

WASHINGTON: The White House could use a veto after the House of Representatives voted on a resolution to end US military involvement in Yemen on Wednesday.

The measure, which passed 248-177, now goes to the Senate, where if it passes, it would be the first time Congress has relied on the decades-old War Powers Resolution to remove or restrict US military action.

The White House says the House resolution is "flawed" because U.S. troops are not directly involved in military action in Yemen, where the coalition is fighting the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.

Since 2015, the administration says, the U.S. has provided support to the coalition, including intelligence and, until recently, aerial refueling, but it has not had forces involved in "hostilities."

The outcome of the legislation is uncertain. Republicans control the Senate, 53-47, and a simple majority is needed to pass.

Trump has yet to veto any measures from Congress. If he did veto the Yemen resolution, it’s unclear whether lawmakers would have enough support to override him.

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